Where is the Fortis Documentation?

Please note that previous links to the documentation have changed.  Those included below are the new locators.

The Overall project documentation portal is available through a search of the Environment Assessment Office (EAO) web site www.eao.gov.bc.ca   However, the following link connects directly to the full documentation for the Fortis project without having to do a frustrating search.


The specific part of the application that is relevant to noise generation is included  as “Appendix 1C_Acoustics Technical Data.” This is a 46 page report prepared by SNC Lavalin for Fortis titled “ACOUSTIC ENVIRONMENT TECHNICAL REPORT FOR THE PROPOSED FORTISBC ENERGY INC. EAGLE MOUNTAIN – WOODFIBRE GAS PIPELINE PROJECT January 2015 492434 Rev. 1″   The report is accessed as a downloadable pdf file by selecting the “Appendix 1C” link at the foregoing web site.  The document can be accessed directly by clicking the following link: