What Should Residents Do?

Make your concerns known!  Public comment on the FortisBC Eagle Mountain – Woodfibre Pipeline Project have now closed but you can still make your views known to MLAs and your local Councillors.

  • Area Residents should insist that the analysis consider the compressor station as a whole – both existing and new components – as the proposed modifications are substantial. Existing noise from the operation is not an insignificant contribution to the ambient noise, especially at night when it is the predominant contributor to the averaged ambient noise.
  • Residents should insist that more effective noise reduction steps be required at the Compressor Station to ensure that at minimum, the cumulative noise due to the station operation at the most affected dwellings at night is not significantly increased from present levels and certainly not more than 40 dBA. Sound modelling should consider the overall station operation.
  • Residents should insist that the Coquitlam noise bylaws be respected. Coquitlam’s noise bylaw NO. 1233, 1982 with amendments (1) 2603, 1993; (2) 3999, 2008; (3) 4149, 2010; (4) 4479, 2014 should be satisfied. (“No person shall make or cause, or permit to be made or caused, any noise in or on a public or private place which disturbs or tends to disturb the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort, or convenience of any person or persons in the neighbourhood or vicinity.”)