Voice Your Concerns!

The period for public submissions to the BC Environmental Assessment Office has now closed.  Thank you to the many people who have taken the time to express concerns about this project, especially the aspect of compressor noise.  You are encouraged to contact your MLA and local Councillors with your thoughts to keep the issue at the fore.

If you want to share a comment here, do so below.

Fortis is proceeding with their submission to the BC Oil and Gas Commission to seek approval for construction.  A requirement is that they notify residents within 800 meters of the work and advise them of the opportunity to comment to the BCOGC about the project within 21 days of receiving their letter (dated March 16, 2020 in my case).  While a focus of the letter is the pipeline itself, local truck traffic and construction noise, the changes to the Compressor Station and approval of the compressor station upgrade installation is a critical component.  Registering concerns is through a simple BC OGC form which can be downloaded from the Commission’s website https://www.bcogc.ca/node/5885/download  The form is a word document and can be emailed in. These submission forms can be sent in any time before the Commission makes its decision.

3 thoughts on “Voice Your Concerns!

  1. Hi! We’re hoping to get in touch with the owner of this site. We’re a Squamish-based group of citizens that are similarly concerned about the impacts of the FortisBC pipeline in our neighbourhoods. Please email me.


    • Hi Tracey, You may not recall but a couple of years ago when I first learned of the Fortis Compressor issue we chatted and I did my commentary to the EAO on the plans (https://fortisbc.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/eao-submission.pdf) . It was at that time that I created the fortisbc.wordpress site to alert my neighbours in the area and to track what was going on. Not much further happened specifically regarding the compressors until recently, as noted in update. 8. Cheers.


      • Hi, I do remember chatting, however I don’t currently have any contact info for you (email or phone number). There is a public comment period happening right now (deadline 23rd December 2020) and My Sea to Sky has completed a hazard assessment of the new proposed 24-inch high pressure pipeline in Coquitlam. We have not done as much research on the impacts of the proposed changes to the compressor station, which is why I am reaching out to you for your input.

        We are mobilizing the public here to write submissions to the BC EAO:

        We’re also writing a more technical submission with help from experts (geologists, engineers, etc.).

        Please do contact me asap: tracey at myseatosky.org



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